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We love Doodles because they get the best characteristics of their parent breeds.


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We are an Eastern Ontario (OTTAWA) Breeder of Bernedoodles (also known as Bernesedoodles and Bernese Mountain Doodles). We have been breeding Australian Labradoodles since 2008. Because of our experience that demonstrates doodles get the best characteristics of their parent breeds, we were inspired to breed other types of doodles. In particular, we were attracted to Bernedoodles, which we create by crossing a Bernese Mountain Dog and an Australian Labradoodle.

It is this use of Australian Labradoodles that makes us different than most Bernedoodle Breeders - rather than using Poodles to cross with the Bernese, we use Australian Labradoodles. Although we think Poodles are also wonderful dogs, they have curly, wooly coats and narrow muzzles and frames. By crossing with the silky coated, boxy shaped Australian Labradoodles, we are able to create Bernedoodles with softer, silkier coats, and boxier frames, that are more consistent in shape with the Bernese and the Labrador Retriever.

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Bernese Mountain Dogs are amazing dogs. But not everyone likes the size, the shedding, and the drooling. By crossing the Bernese with the mini Australian Labradoodle, a non-shedding, small, silky coated, yet still boxy shaped dog, we are able to create a medium sized low-shedding, intelligent, loyal, and seriously cute family dog! By choosing Labradoodles with particular marking sets, we are able to maintain the tri-colour markings of the Bernese in our Bernedoodles.

Our Bernese Mountain Dogs are owned by us at Bernedoodle Puppies.